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Customizing integration on the server

Note: this integration module is compatible with SiteBuilder 4.x, for versions 5.x and later that are integrated with Plesk 10, refer to the Plesk 10 module.

Creating service plans

To integrate the billing and SiteBuilder you need to create service plans. To do that, you authorize in SiteBuilder, go to "Users" module - "Service plans" to add a new plan.

Customizing integration in the billing

Adding server

Go to the billing -> the "Servers" module to add a new server for the "SiteBuilder" control panel, fill out the fields (where URL is a URL to the control panel without a port, including http or https depending on the server settings) and click OK. The billing will check server connection and upload the list of available plans that can be found in the "Configuration" tab of the server properties.

Creating plans

Service plans (packages) for SiteBuilder are created in the same manner as hosting plans, except for there are no add-ons. You may choose "Shared hosting" or "Shared hosting reselling" depending on your needs.

Integration module functions

Creating account

The OpenAccount function Create an account for an ordered service.

Deleting account

The DeleteAccount function Delete a selected account.

Disabling account

The SuspendAccount function Suspend an account.

Enabling account

The ResumeAccount function Activate an account.

Changing package

The SetAccountParam function Change an account package.

Getting package (preset) information from the server

The GetServerConfig function Get information about available packages.

Checking server connection

The CheckServerConnection function Check server connection with specified parameters.

Additional information

  • Use the fix function to update the information.
  • The module log file: /usr/local/ispmgr/var/cpsitebuilder.log.
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