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WWW domains

A directory skeleton is a template that is used to create new WWW domain. Using such skeletons you can change the structure, add files and directories. For example, you can add your own index.html file that will be automatically included into all newly created WWW domains. To do that, you need to add this file into the /usr/local/ispmgr/etc/www.skel directory.

You may use macros for the WWW domain skeleton. When creating, ISPmanager searches for these macros in all the files of the skeleton and change them into the corresponding values. The following macros are available:

__NAME__ - WWW domain name.
__IP__ - IP-address that is bound to this WWW domain.
__HOME__ - directory with WWW domain files. 

User home directories

You can add a directory skeleton for the user home directories. Create a /usr/local/ispmgr/etc/home.skel directory and add all file that should be created automatically in the users' home directories.

Use the same procedure for reseller accounts. Note, that the directories home.skel and www.skel need to be located in the reseller home directory.

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