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Spam is flooding the Internet with messages to people who would not choose to receive it. Most spam is commercial advertising, quasi-legal services, social networking spam, malware, and so on.

Spam email has become a bothersome problem for users, so there is a high necessity of such tools as spam filters and spam blocker features.

To protect yourself against spam, you can use software with built-in spam filtering.

Module«Spam filter»
  • Enable the spam filter - check the box to activate anti-spam filtering.
  • Required score - the set score will allow you to identify letter as spam. All the letters with the spam score higher than that value will be classified as spam.
  • Add to the "Subject" field - if the letter is marked as spam, the text provided here will be added into the header of the spam letter. If you leave the field blank, the theme field will remain unchanged.
  • Report type - select the type of a report:
    • Attach an original of the letter to the report - an original of the letter will be attached to the filter report.
    • Add the report into the letter heading - the filter report will be added into the letter heading.
    • Attach the letter in the text/plain format to the report - the letter in the text/plain format will be attached to the report.
  • Action - select what you would like to do with the spam letter (nothing, delete, move to the Junk/Spam).
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