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"Admin" is a system user. You cannot delete him. to Billmgr-contract.filter
Billmgr-country to Billmgr-software.order.addon
Billmgr-software.order.agreement to Department assign
Department management to Failed to add the rule
Failed to allocate IP address. It may be in use already to Invalid record in the filesystem ( param ) file
Invalid recovery code to Ispmgr-plugins.source
Ispmgr-plugins.source.edit to Kb intnamereserved
Kb inuse to Kb vld failed
Kb vote problem to Provide the type of the server
Provider (Administrator) to The version that you want to roll back has significant differences fro...
The weight field must be a numerical value to Vdsmgr-vdsproc
Vdsmgr-vdsproc.api to Сustomizing name servers in ISPmanager
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