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  1. "Admin" is a system user. You cannot delete him.
  2. ' param ' is not a reseller
  3. ' param ' not found
  4. 2048 bit key must be used to generate the certificate
  5. 2CheckOut
  6. A1pay
  8. AWStats
  9. A contract signed between the two parties is required for post-paid services
  10. A file with this name already exists
  11. A param plug-in is required for this plug-in
  12. A total number of IP-addresses exceeded the allowable limit
  13. Access denied
  14. Access denied to ' param '
  15. Access privileges cannot be modified
  16. Access to modules (IPmanager)
  17. Access to the control panel modules (ISPmanager)
  18. Account with param code is not a customer. It is either a group or an administrator.
  19. Action log (IPmanager)
  20. Active network connections
  21. Active server can be deleted by the hosting provider only
  22. Add new domain contact
  23. Add new gateway
  24. Add new payer
  25. Add new reseller and edit existing reseller's parameters
  26. Add new user and edit parameters of the existing one
  27. Add new virtual server and edit parameters of existing server (VDSmanager)
  28. Adding control elements
  29. Adding external links to the menu
  30. Additional IP address limit exceeded
  31. Additional modules for certificate authorities
  32. Additional modules for domain registrars
  33. Administrators cannot send messages to the Support Center
  34. Advertising materials
  35. Advertising materials (for user)
  36. Affiliate link click-through statistics
  37. Affiliate program
  38. An attempt to get a list of available applications failed
  39. An attempt to update the collection failed
  40. An error occurred on the remote BILLmanager.
  41. An error occurred when parsing a new record in ' param
  42. An error occurred when trying to apply the default policy settings
  43. An error occurred when trying to start param . Unable to complete the operation
  44. An error occurred while backing up: virtual disk not found
  45. An error occurred while creating the database
  46. An error occurred while dumping the database
  47. An error occurred while editing the param zone . The file might have been damaged
  48. An error occurred while executing the param template script
  49. An error occurred while executing backup script: param
  50. An error occurred while restoring the database dump

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