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A customer survey is a very important tool that can be used by a company looking to improve its image. Customers will inform you on the shortcomings that they experience and provide the necessary feedback that your company needs to improve on. Getting feedback via customer surveys can uncover critical information to help you make important business and marketing decisions.

The format of a customer service questionnaire will largely depend on what you need to find out. You can use different methods: send a questionnaire to customer's email address, call to customer and interview him, display a survey on the billing toolbar or display the survey upon login to the panel.

Image:T-bullet.gif List of surveys
Image:T-new.png Add survey
Image:T-edit.png Edit survey
Image:T-delete.png Delete survey
Image:T-copy.png Clone survey
Image:T-on.png Activate survey
Image:T-off.png Disable survey
Image:T-editlist.png Questions
Image:T-brules.png Customer selection criteria

List of surveys

  • ID - survey unique identifier.
  • Name - name of the customer survey.
  • Status - survey current status:
Image:T-on.png - the selected survey can be used for serving your customers. It will be daily added for customers who meet the specified Customer selection criteria conditions.
Image:T-off.png - the selected survey is disabled.

Add survey

To create a new survey, click the "New" icon and fill out the form:

  • Name - enter the name for the survey.
  • Method - select the survey method:
    • Display a banner - the survey will be displayed as a banner on the toolbar.
    • Send by email - a customer will receive a questionnaire in the mail.
    • Call to customer - telephone interview. With this method selected, the survey will be available in the Telephone surveys module.
    • Display the survey upon login - a customer will be asked to complete a survey when he logs in to the billing panel.
  • Priority - set a priority.
  • Active- select the check box to activate this survey upon creation.
  • Introduction - provide the introduction to the survey.
  • Conclusion - provide the conclusion to the survey.
  • Project - select a project. Customers of this project will be able to take part in the newly created survey.
  • Hide the survey for - the survey will be hidden during the specified number of days (starting the date when it was activated for the customer).
  • Delete the survey in - provide the period in days during which this survey will be available for customers.

Edit survey

To edit a survey, locate the survey you wish to edit, click the "Edit" icon and modify the settings you want to change.

Delete survey

To delete a survey, select it from the list and click the "Delete" icon. Confirm that you wish to delete the survey by clicking OK on the following form.

Clone survey

To create a new survey with the content of an existing one, select the source survey, click the "Clone" icon and fill out the form:

  • New survey name - provide the name for the new survey.

Clicking OK will create a new survey containing the same question and answers as the selected one.

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