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In this module you can view various system data, such as the maximum number of system resources that the virtual private server can consume, system uptime and average load, as well as the number of currently active processes.

The module is read-only.

Module «System information»
Image:T-bullet.gif View the system information

View the system information

  • Parameter - name of the system parameter.
    • Limit on the number of resources - the maximum amount of resources, such as CPU, operating memory, disk quota allocated to this VPS.
    • Disk image - disk image that was used for the virtual server creation.
    • Status - current status of the virtual private server (active/not active).
    • Uptime - how long the system has been running.
    • Average load - the average system load for the last 1, 5 and 15 minutes.
    • Number of processes - number of the processes currently running in the system.
    • Traffic (MB) - amount of traffic consumed by the the virtual private server over the month. The prevailing traffic (either incoming or outgoing) is shown.
    • Last backup - date when the last backup copy of this virtual private server was created.
  • Value - values related to each parameter listed.
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