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Payment gateway

Certificate must have the PKCS12 format.

  • Your TelePay public key. Place the private key into the inscription keys directory on the billing server. TelePay will send you its public key that you must locate into the inscription keys directory.

Billing side

  • Name
  • Period to delete overdue invoices
  • Minimum payment amount
  • Gateway name

telepayresult is used by default

You may create multiple gateways with different names and inscription keys:

  • Service ID

If the service id is not specified in your contract with TelePay, leave this field blank

  • TelePay public key

A full path to the TelePay inscription key file

  • Private key

A full path to your private inscription key file

  • Private key password

The password that you specified when creating the private inscription key

  • Retype password

When making a payment, a user must specify the id of his personal account (the id can be located in the Personal account information module).

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