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A Template of answer is a pre-defined text that you can use when writing to you customers. When typing a message, you just follow the "Auto complete" link to choose one from the available templates.

The Templates of answers module can be used to manage standard answers to customers' questions. A provider can create new answers, edit and delete existing ones.

Module«Templates of answer»
Image:T-bullet.gif View a list of templates
Image:T-new.png Create new template
Image:T-edit.png Edit template
Image:T-delete.png Delete template

View a list of templates

  • ID - template unique identifier.
  • Text - text of the answer template.
  • Project - project for which this template is available.
  • Type - type of the template (for example, a welcome message or answer template).
  • Department - technical support department that can use this template when writing answers to customers.
  • Priority - priority, which is used to sort out the lit of answer templates.
  • Properties - properties of this answer template:
Image:p-sadmin.png - this answer is available to all users.

Create new template

To create a new template, click the "New" icon and enter text of a new message. Check the box to make this template available for all the services.

Module«Templates of answer»
  • Priority - provide the priority that will be used to sort out the list.
  • Project - select a project for whose customers you will be able to use this template.
  • Category - select a category related to this answer template.
  • Template type - select a template type for this answer template.
  • Shared - check the box to make this template available for all administrators.
  • Department - select a department that will be able to choose this template when writing an answer to a customer.

You may use the following macros in the welcome message:

  •  %SUPPORTUSER% - name of the administrator who has submitted a ticket.
  •  %USER% - name of the customer who has submitted a ticket.
  •  %PROJECT% - name of the project associated with a ticket's category.
  • {cursor} - position of the cursor when the ticket is open (in BILLmanager 4.0.66 and later).

Edit template

To edit a template, locate the one you wish to edit, click the "Edit" icon and modify the settings you want to change.

Delete template

To delete a template, select it from the list and click the "Delete" icon. Confirm that you wish to delete the template by clicking OK on the following form.

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