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Bandwidth usage is the total amount of data transferred to and from a web server. Every time someone visits your website, some data is transferred. The data includes images, files, page data and everything else you see when you view a website.

Summary traffic is broken up into incoming or outgoing.

  • Incoming traffic is data which comes into the server, for example when someone downloads a file from the website.
  • Outgoing traffic is data which is transmitted by the server , for example a file attached to an email.
This module can be used to view the information on all incoming and outgoing traffic for your server over a specified time period in the past.
Module «Total traffic»

Image:T-bullet.gif View traffic information
Image:T-editlist.png View detailed information

View traffic information

  • Date - date when the full traffic statistics was collected.
  • Input - amount of the outgoing traffic.
  • Output - amount of the incoming traffic.
  • Unit - unit of measure your traffic statistics is displayed in.

View detailed information

To view detailed information for each day of a month, select the month from the list and click the "Details" icon. The table representing daily traffic will be displayed.

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