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Registered users can submit trouble tickets to the specialists of our Technical support. You can select a category associated with the problem. While creating or editing a category, you may assign a department that will be in charge for your issues.

In this module you can use a wide range of features for managing your customers' tickets. The provider can see a list of trouble tickets from his users, respond them, submit new tickets and so on. You can also configure rules to define how tickets are handled when submitted.

Module «Active tickets»
Image:T-bullet.gif View a list of active tickets
Image:T-edit.png Edit ticket
Image:T-delete.png Delete ticket
Image:T-unlock.png Unblock ticket
Image:T-filterhappy.png Filter
Image:T-editlist.png Ticket details
Image:T-go.png Switch to User panel

View a list of active tickets

  • Ticket ID - ticket unique identifier.
  • Subject - brief description of the problem. If the Image:p-lock.png icon is displayed and the line is shown in yellow, this ticket is automatically blocked, because an administrator is writing the answer.
  • Account - user who posted the trouble ticket.
  • Weight - ticket priority that is set according to the number of services a customer purchases, expenses on his services and other parameters. This value is calculated as follows: the total of all corresponding rules + n, where n is the number of minutes at which a ticket awaits a respond. More information can be found in the Ticket weight module.
  • Delay - period of time when a ticket awaited a response from the Technical support staff.
  • Remaining time - the period marked in red means how much time an administrator has to answer the ticket. The figures marked in red means that the administrator failed to give his response in due time. More information can be found in the module Department management - > Department's working time.
  • Responsible administrator - name of the administrator who will be in charge for the issue.
  • Project - provider's project associated with the customer account.
  • Category - pre-defined problem subject, such as Marketing or Domain processing (may differ depending on the services and products that a client orders). More information can be found in the Categories module.
  • Properties - characteristic of your customer:
Image:p-love2.png - good customer (for example, he purchases many expensive services, etc.)You can choose a characteristic for your customer in the Customer management module -> the Edit account form.
Image:p-love1.png - bad customer (this customer likes to quarrel, does not pay in time, etc.)
Image:p-newmsg.png - unread message.
Image:p-pr1.png - this ticket is very urgent. For example, some of the crucial processes on the user side are not running.
Image:p-pr2.png - this ticket has a medium level of urgency.
Image:p-pr3.png - this ticket is not urgent.
Image:lv-2.png - this ticket was sent by email.
Image:p-attr.png - shows that this customer is assigned to a specific group. You may view the name of the group when moving your mouse cursor over the icon.

Delete ticket

To delete an active ticket, select it from the list and click the "Delete" icon. Confirm that you wish to delete the ticket by clicking OK on the following form.

Unblock ticket

The function can be used to unblock the ticket that was closed by the other technical support specialist.


You can use this function to set filter by customer. Click the "Filter" icon.

Once the filter is set, the list will be filtered by customer. You can clear the filter that you have previously set by clicking the "Remove filter" button.

Switch to User panel

Sometimes You may need to access the control panel as a selected customer. To do so, select him from the list and click the "Enter" icon.

Once logged in, You may view and use the control panel as the selected customer.

To return to your level, use the link next to the welcome line.

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