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Uniteller side

BILLmanager side

  • Uniteller Point ID - the one from your member area in Uniteller
  • Password - enter the password from the "Authentication parameters" in your member area.
  • Payment card - select a type of the payment card. Enter "Any" if you want to allow your users to select a card type.
  • Payment method - select a payment method. Enter "Any" if you want to allow your users to select a payment method.
  • Test account - select if you use test account in Uniteller.

Possible values for the Payment card, Payment method and Result:

Payment cardPayment methodResult
Not usedNot usedAny payment method
AnyAnyAny payment method
SpecifiedAnySpecific card, any payment method
AnySpecificAny card, specific payment method
AnyNot usedAny card, no payment methods
SpecifiedNot usedSpecific card, no payment methods
Not usedAnyNo cards, any payment method
Not usedspecifiedNo cards, specific payment method
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