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Users are accounts that a customer creates for performing operations in the billing panel. Each customer can create several users according to his needs.

This module can be used to view the information about your users, create new ones, edit their properties and delete them, if necessary. You can change users' access privileges as well.

Module «User management»
Image:Bullet.gif View a list of users
Image:T-new.png Create new user
Image:T-edit.png Edit user parameters
Image:T-delete.png Delete user
Image:T-on.png Enable the selected user
Image:T-off.png Disable the selected user
Image:T-mail-box.png Contact information
Image:T-rights.png User's access permissions
Image:T-filterhappy.png Set filter

View a list of users

  • ID - user unique identifier.
  • Username - username that is used to log in to the billing system.
  • Full name - real name of the user that is used for addressing to him.
  • E-mail - user's e-mail address for notifications. You can choose a notification you want to receive in Notification subscription module.
  • Status - current user status:
    • Image:p-on.png - the user account is active and can use the billing panel.
    • Image:p-off.png - the user account is blocked by administrator.
    • Image:p-root.png - the user account has superuser privileges, i.e. he can access all modules of the the billing system.

Create new user

To create a new user, click the "New" icon and fill in the following form:

Module «User management»
  • Username - enter a username to access the billing system.
  • Full name - enter a full name of this user.
  • Email - enter a user's email for notifications. You can choose notifications you want to receive in the Notification subscription module.
  • Receive - provide a time range when you want to receive sms notifications.
  • Password - enter a password to access the billing system. The password can be randomly generated by the system. To get one, click a special button next to the field.
  • Re-type password - retype the password to ensure it has been entered correctly. If it was randomly generated, confirmation is set automatically.
  • Superuser - select the check box to grant the user with superuser permissions (he will be allowed to use all the modules of the billing system).

Edit user parameters

To edit a user, locate the one you wish to edit, click the "Edit" icon and modify the settings you want to change.

Delete user

To delete the user, select him from the list and click the "Delete" icon. Confirm that you wish to delete the user by clicking OK on the following form.

Set filter

Filters allow you to use only the relevant data to your specific task instead of carrying heavy information that could slow your application.

To set filter by user, select it from the list and click the "Filter" icon.

Once the filter is set, the list will be filtered by the selected user. You can clear the filter that you have previously set by clicking the "Remove filter" button.

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