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The list of supported web-scripts is constantly enlarging. You can add your own scripts that users can install on their WWW domains.

To customize web-scripts list use the configuration file /usr/local/ispmgr/etc/webscripts.conf. Each list of scripts has its own section

script "Name" { set of parameters }

Below are web-script the parameters and their brief description.

  • AdminURI - relative path to a web-script control script.
  • AskDbPass - select yes to provide a database password necessary for web-scripts.
  • Caption - required parameter that briefly describe a web-script set.
  • CheckSum - check sum of a web-scripts backup.
  • DefaultURI - relative path to a web-script set.
  • HomePage - required parameter that defines a home page of a web-scripts set.
  • Overwrite - select yes to overwrite the directory where a web-scripts set will be placed, if any.
  • PhpExtensions - the list of PHP extensions necessary for web-scripts work, comma separated.
  • URL - required parameter that contains the link to download a web-script set backup.
  • UsingDb - select yes if a web-script set uses the database.

Attention! If you want to add web-script sets into the control panel, we would recommend that you make changes in /usr/local/ispmgr/etc/webscripts.conf.local. Your information will not be lost while upgrading the control panel.

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