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Sometimes you may need to make your customers select disk templates according to the operating system. Usually there is some difference between Windows and Unix systems.

This article describes how you can do so.

Create a new resource type for the "virtual private server" item type:

  • Name - Operating system
  • Internal name - ostempl (specify os for virtual servers)

Add an enumeration - Operating system.

Add values:

  • 1)
    • Name - Free OS
    • Internal name - free
  • 2)
    • Name - Windows Server 2008 R2
    • Internal name - win2008r2

where free is an abstract value; win2008r2 is the name of a disk template.

Now we can add a new detail into the service package.

  • Type - Operating system
  • Billing type - Based on the ordered values
  • Value type - enumeration
  • Enumeration - Operating system

Once you are done, your customers will be prompted to choose an operating system when ordering this service package. When selecting "Free OS", they will be able to choose any disk template except for win2008r2. When selecting "Windows Server 2008 R2 they will be able to choose only будет win2008r2.

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