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By monitoring the main system usage you will have a much better chance of meeting user needs and mitigating issues before they become problems.

You can view the percentage of the principal resources, such as CPU units, RAM, number of running processes and file descriptors compared to the total amount of allocated resources.

Monitoring your resources can help ensure that all the services provided by the system are available on an equal basis and your resources will always be available to your users.

System resources, such as the amount of memory in use, CPU time, number of running processes, etc. are the parts within a virtual server that are available to be used by the operating system and other applications. Each time an application starts, it sends a request to the operating system to provision the necessary system resources for it to function. For example, depending on the amount of memory available, the application may open quickly, or may open a bit slower if less memory is available when the application starts.

Statistics is collected every 5 minutes and is available for one or two days.

Module «Current system usage»
Image:T-bullet.gif View current system usage information

View current system usage information

  • Date/Time - date and time when the statistics was collected.
  • CPU % - percent of the CPU time consumption by the system.
  • Memory % - percent of the operating memory consumption .
  • Processes % - percent of processes that are currently under way
  • File descriptors % - percent of the file descriptors that are currently in use.
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