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In this module you can view a list of articles related to the selected category of the knowledge base. You can read detailed information in the article or search one you need by specific parameters.

Module«Knowledge base»
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View a list of articles

  • Article - name of the article related to the selected category.

Read article

To read the information in the article, select it and click "View". The following form will appear:

Module«Knowledge base»
  • Category - category of the knowledge base this article is related to.
  • Link to article - URL to the article of the billing knowledge base.

Note, that the information in the form is read-only.

Set filter

You can use the list filter to search the information about category by specific parameters. To initiate searching, click the "Filter" icon and provide a name of the category, a part of the text or key words.

Once the filter is set, the list will be filtered by knowledge base. You can clear the filter that you have previously set by clicking "Remove filter" button.

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