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This module can be used to view the list of all the products and services the customer has ordered. To view the detailed order information, select it and click the "View order details" icon.

Depending on the order's status, the number of the icons on the toolbar will vary. If the order is still open, the client can edit or delete it by clicking the corresponding icons. If the order is currently being processed or has already been processed, the customer will be able to use the "Split order" icon only.

Module «Orders»
Image:T-back.png Back to the order's list
Image:T-bullet.gif View order details
Image:T-edit.png Split order
Image:T-delete.png Delete order detail

View a list of order details

  • ID - order detail unique identifier.
  • Description - description of the products or services a customer ordered.
  • Total - order amount.

Split order

If necessary, you can split a single order into several ones. To do that, select the order from the list, click the "Split order" icon and select the required action:


The list of transferred items: this field presents the ordered service, its order period and price.

  • Order - you may either transfer the current order to the existing one, or create a new order.

Delete order detail

To delete an order detail, select it from the list and click the "Delete" icon. Confirm that you want to delete the order detail by clicking OK on the following form.

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