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This article describes the steps you need to perform to create a service package for a virtual server in such a way that when reaching CPU, IO and bandwidth limits a clients will be charged. Before you start, you should customize BILLmanager and create a service package.

Make sure that in the Service package --- Server module activate the VMmanager server for a newly created service package. Service package internal name - name of the VM template from VMmanager.

Items --- Disk image --- select required OS for the service package.

You can now create add-ons (Products --- Service packages --- the Config icon).

  • Number of IP addresses/ Number of IPv6 addresses

Required parameter. At least one of them must have the minimum value not less than 1, otherwise you won't be able to create a virtual machine.


  • Disk space

In VMmanager this parameter cannot be modified upon the service setup. Specify the value that you provided in the service package and select the check box "Forbid clients to change".


  • Traffic

VMmanager/VEmanager sends the information concerning incoming (the in parameter) and outgoing (the out parameter) bandwidth. To count only incoming or outgoing bandwidth, in the "Internal name" field specify "in" for incoming and "out" for outgoing.


In fact, the user will be allocated 10 Tb of bandwidth. Everyday BILLmanager will receive from VEmanager the information on how bandwidth that user consumed. If the user consumes more than 5 TB, each additional Gb will cost 300 euro (this sum will be debited with the user's account). When reaching the limit of 10 TB, the service will be suspended.

  • CPU

cpu - CPU time. This value is measured in seconds per day.


  • Input/Output operations

These data are collected in multiple input-output operations per 24 hours (hio is the internal name of the unit of measure), the service add-on can be created using the iops unit of measure which is 864 times less than hio - the total number of input-output operations divided by the number of seconds in 24 hours.

If you failed to find a required value in the list, go to Products --- Item types--- Virtual server --- click the Configuration icon. Activate a required add-on ot create a new one. In our case we will create a new add-on named "IO", its internal names is io.

Specify Units of measure, if needed.

Proceed with the service add-on settings.


Other add-ons are not obligatory. VMmanager also supports the following package add-ons:

  • Number of processors (kernels)
  • CPU frequency
  • RAM (note minimum values allowed for you OS when configuring this parameter).
  • Operating system. We recommend them if you use paid OS when creating a VPS. It can be secified by enumeration, its internal name should coincide with the disk image name.
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