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Server settings

Before configuring BILLmanager integration, make sure that Parallels Agent that is used to run most of the integration operations is installed on the Virtuozzo server.

vzapp must be up and running and port 4646 must be open (this is a default port that may vary).

Billing settings

Adding a server

When creating a server in the billing system, provide its address and its port, where vzapp is running. Port 4646 is used by default. For example

Provide the root authentication data as login and password.

After you have added the server, BILLmanager will get its configuration settings from Virtuozzo to save in the database. The configuration parameters contain names of containers' settings, which are used as an internal name when creating a package, and names of disk images, which will be used when creating a container.

Additional information

The following parameters are currently supported:

  • avnumproc
  • burst_cpu_avg_usage
  • burst_cpulimit
  • cpulimit
  • cpus
  • cpuunits
  • diskinodes
  • diskspace
  • iolimit
  • ioprio
  • iopslimit
  • numfile
  • numproc
  • physpages
  • quotatime
  • quotaugidlimit
  • swappages
  • vmguarpages
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