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A white list is list of pre-authorized e-mail addresses from which e-mail messages can be delivered. White lists enable to ensure no trusted email will be treated as junk and no previously noticed spam will income.

This module contains the list of email senders that are allowed to send messages to the mail server, if other verification functions, such as dnsbl block lists or Greylisting cannot be used.

See also White list. Technical details (ISPmanager).

The White list is available only for administrator.
Module «White list»
Image:T-bullet.gif View white lists
Image:T-new.png Add new sender to the white list
Image:T-edit.png Edit sender parameters
Image:T-delete.png Delete sender

View white lists

  • Sender - IP-address (or the first part of it) of the mail sender, mail domain, or e-mail address that are added into the white list.
  • Action - action that can be performed with the e-mail message:
    • Allow sending via server - messages can be sent to the local mailboxes

Add new sender to the white list

To add a new sender to the list, click the "New" icon and fill out the form:

Module «White list»
  • Sender - enter the mail server's IP-address or the domain name that you want to add to the white list.

Edit sender parameters

To edit a sender, locate the sender, click the "Edit" icon and modify the settings you want to change.

Delete sender

To delete a sender, select him from the list and click the "Delete" icon. Confirm that you want to delete the selected sender by clicking "OK" in the following window.

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