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ISPmanager under FreeBSD starts its UIDs at 1000 and that under Linux starts UIDs at 500. While creating a user, the first empty UID of more than 1000 (or 500 correspondingly) is used.

User IDs of less than specified values will not display in the control panel.

FTP users and mail virtual users in the passwd file belong to group that has the same name as the administrator login. The control panel defines the first user with a new GID in the passwd file as administrator. If you interchange the positions of the administrator and FTP user, the control panel will define a FTP user as administrator.

While installing the control panel, the mgrsecure group is created. All the newly created users will be added to this group. Thus, a user will not be able to read the home directory of another user. If you run FreeBSD, specify permissions to the user directory and the data internal directory:

# ls -ld /home/user/
dr-x-----x  3 user  mgrsecure  512 May 24  2010 /home/user/
# ls -ld /home/user/data/
drwxr-x--x  9 user user  512 May 24  2010 /home/user/data/

The user can access the /home/user directory with user access privileges. To be on the safe side, other users belonging to the mgtsecure group do not have permissions to access and read the /home/user directory.

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