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Payment system settings

  • Method to call Result URL = POST (Stores->list of stores->Notifications)
  • Send a request to Result URL before payment = no (Stores->list of stores->Notifications)
  • Method to call Success URL = POST (Stores->list of stores->Notifications)
  • Method to call Fail URL = POST (Stores->list of stores->Notifications)
  • Merchant Key =your_secret_key (characters' line that is sent with the payment details and notification to the merchant. This line is used to increase security of notification identification. This information is available only for theZ-PAYMENT Merchant service and merchant! (Stores->list of stores->Notifications)
  • Result URL=https://your_domain(billing IP-address)/mancgi/zpresult
  • Success URL=https://your_domain(billing IP-address)/manimg/userdata/your_page(paysuccess_en.html) (you may provide either your page or a standard one - paysuccess_en.html)
  • Fail URL=https://your_domain(billing IP-address)/manimg/userdata/your_page(payfail_en.html) (you may provide either your page or a standard one- payfail_en.html)

Billing settings

  • Name
  • Period to delete overdue invoices
  • Shop ID (generated by the payment system)
  • Merchant Key =your_secret_key (must match that of the payment system)
  • Minimum payment amount
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